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Travel in Review: Disney Edition

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Our Review and Recommendations

  • Destination: Walt Disney World

  • Month: September

  • Type of Travel: Family Trip


  • Flight: Spirit Airlines

    • Our Honest Review: The boarding process was smooth, the staff both at the gate, and on the plane were extremely nice and accommodating. We boarded the plane with a Spirit Airline approved backpack and a blanket to stay warm on the often cold plane. Unfortunately our midday flight was filled with multiple screaming babies and young children who did not find the flight to their liking.

    • Lesson Learned and Recommendations: DO NOT ever take a midday flight. Overall the flight was smooth, the staff was both entertaining and extremely friendly!

  • Car Rental: Enterprise

    • Our Honest Review: Enterprise is one of our favorite car rental places. Per usual the staff was helpful and amendable to our travels with young children. The car was well cleaned and smelled pleasant. Will definitely be using them in the future.

    • Lesson(s) Learned and Recommendations:

      • Buy the insurance incase something happens so you are not responsible for damages

      • Be sure you book a car with enough space for everyone

      • Do not purchase pre-fill gas its cheaper for you to put gas in the car yourself


  • Hotel: The Fountain Resorts

    • Our Honest Review: The Fountain Resort was more than we expected. The room was spacious enough for 6 people with 2 twin beds, a sofa bed, and a king bed. The room was also equipped with a full kitchen and 2 full bathrooms (well needed for 6 people. All of the appliances in the room were up to date and in full working order. The balcony overlooked both the pool and the lake making the view something "to live for." The resort itself had several different pools, firepits, and seating areas designed for those traveling with families. Overall the staff at the resort was helpful and extremely delightful.

    • Lesson(s) Learned and Recommendations:

      • Ask for a room on an upper level the view is amazing!

      • Plan one day just for exploring the resort there are many amenities and activities available


  • SeaWorld Orlando:

    • Our Honest Review: While it has been years since we first visited SeaWorld Orlando it still lives up to its name! SeaWorld is by far one of our favorite theme parks to visit (mainly because of the shows they are always so exhilarating)! On this particular visit we showed up to the park late because it rained most of the morning. When we arrived we found the staff inviting and helpful and the park to be very clean! We purchased tickets that included access to the park, a meal, snacks, and a drink for the day which was very beneficial as we played all day! Even though we arrived midday we were able to see a few shows and ride many rides, which were all great. Unfortunately the park closed early on the day we visited but overall we still feel that we were able to get the most bang for our buck!

    • Lesson(s) Learned and Recommendations:

      • Wake up early and be at the park when it opens

      • Purchase a meal pass for the day

      • Use online ticketing agencies to search for cheap park tickets and deals. If you are employed at a corporation check for corporate affiliation programs like

  • Walt Disney World:

    • Our Honest Review: While we all have visited " The most magical place on earth" multiple times before, this time we were determined to get the most bang for our buck by visiting all of the parks in one day! (We do not suggest this). So we started our day by first visiting Magic Kingdom, unfortunately we were late getting to the park but we still had a great time. While at magic Kingdom we were able to ride several rides -- unfortunately the lines were long so we did not get to ride as many as we were hoping to ride. We left the park around 2:00 pm boarded the Disney Bus and arrived at Animal Kingdom. At Animal Kingdom we hit all of the hot spots like the Safari ride and Mt. Everest before grabbing a snack and heading to the Disney Bus. This time we boarded the Disney bus to Disney Hollywood Studios where we rode several 3D animation rides and rollercoasters. We then boarded the Disney bus again and arrived at EPCOT! At EPCOT we were able to test food from around the world and see a fireworks show like no other! While we were rained on several times that day the day was filled with lots of magic and unforgettable joy that made the whole day work while.

    • Lesson(s) Learned and Recommendations:

      • Bring an Umbrella or a Poncho for the heat and the rain

      • Bring lots of snacks in a backpack with a water bottle

      • Wear Comfortable shoes

      • Get an early start on your day

      • Have a plan and stick to it

      • Don't try and do all the parks in one day instead stay longer and spread out the parks to one or two a day.

Disclaimer: Now remember the comments in these blogs are our opinion and they are not meant to bring harm or slander to any organization mentioned in the blog. Our goal as travel advisors is to provide our customers with an honest review of our entire trip from start to finish so you know exactly what to do when travelling to destinations!

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