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The Girls Who Fly LLC., was established in 2020 by four Dillard University Alumnae.

The company’s name was created in honor of Lynda P. Helms who originally gave The Girls their name and told them to Fly. She encouraged them to “Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape them.” Embodying the mission, Traveling with a Purpose, the company was established with a vision to provide affordable opportunities to all those who desire to travel.

The desire to promote affordable travel originated throughout The Girls tenure at Dillard University. While at Dillard their fascination for adventure began by exploring the city of New Orleans. As students on a budget, The Girls had to find creative ways to use their resources to satisfy their sense of adventure. In their initial exploration, they fell in love with the city’s diverse culture, phenomenal food, and eclectic music. Weekly The Girls would board the Trolley and explore key areas of the French Quarter. While at Dillard they were fortunate to travel through study abroad opportunities and weekend trips.

After graduating from the illustrious Dillard University, The Girls’ lives and careers brought them to live in different states. The Girls made a pact to always stay connected and that connection was through travel. From that day on they lived by the motto “Side by Side or Miles Apart Bestfriends are Always Close at Heart.” With every adventure they took, The Girls were able to reconnect, rejuvenate, and experience unfamiliar places.

Their yearly travels allowed them to explore domestically and abroad building on their desire to explore diverse cultures. With every new adventure, The Girls became inspired to share their love of travel and their skills for discovering affordable travel with others. This desire was produced out of the numerous questions The Girls received regarding their ability to travel so frequently across the world.

The Girls are licensed travel agents with a combined travel experience of over 10 years. Since The Girls graduated, they have traveled to over 20 international destinations and 38 national destinations.

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