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Airline in Review: Spirit Edition

Our Honest Review:

Spirit Airlines is by far not our favorite airline but it is usually the cheapest which is why it is usually the airline we choose when travelling to destinations in the United States. While "The Flying Yellow School Bus" requires that you pay for everything and sit almost straight up during the entire flight, with with little to no leg room their flight attendants and pilots are often our favorite part of the commute! The energy exhorted from the employees once you finally board the plan makes every unconventional policy worth it. While you may be uncomfortable and thirsty the entire ride you will be quite entertained! Now I will give "The Flying Yellow School Bus" credit, the typical services like carry on bags, sitting in comfortable seats, acquiring snacks and drinks etc. are available to those who will pay the extra money. However if you are like us you can save that extra money until you arrive at your destination and use it as play money towards activities and entertainment!

Helpful Hints to Surviving Your Ride on "The Flying Yellow School Bus"

  • Always travel with a backpack or a small duffel bag (this is FREE)

  • Bring your own snacks (this is FREE)

  • Bring your own water bottle and be sure to fill it up before boarding the airplane

  • Use the bathroom before boarding the airplane

  • Bring a blanket and neck pillow to keep yourself comfortable on the plane

  • Bring noise cancelling headphones to silence any crying babies

  • Keep your flight short and with no layover



Disclaimer: Now remember the comments in these blogs are our opinion and they are not meant to bring harm or slander to any organization mentioned in the blog. Our goal as travel advisors is to provide our customers with an honest review of our entire trip from start to finish so you know exactly what to do when travelling to destinations!

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